“With eyes, brain, heart thorough visible to that which is invisible” - dr. fra Jure Radić

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The Interpretation Center Veliki Kaštel is an additional reason to visit Makarska

The Interpretation Center Veliki Kaštel is an additional reason to visit Makarska

Makarska has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia, thanks to its natural beauty, hospitable hosts and mild climate. In the vicinity of this widely known area with a rich history, a new tourist story worthy of admiration has developed. In the small village of Kotišina, a modern multimedia Interpretation Center Veliki Kaštel was opened…

The Interpretation Center Veliki Kaštel is located in the multi storey fortress of the samename, which is a historical sensation of Podbiokovlje. The fort on the Biokovo cliffs was built during the Candian War to provide shelter for the population during the conflict with the Ottomans. Today, its interior has been turned into a real modern wonder that tells the story of this beautiful region. The Interpretation Center is spread over several floors and is the central place for interpretation and presentation of the cultural and natural heritage of the village of Kotišina.

The modern equipped interactive space is divided into three exhibition themes: archaeological, ethnological and natural heritage. In the center you can see thearchaeological exhibits that were found at the site of Kotišina under the guidance of the Makarska City Museum. Through ethnological objects and stories, you can get to know the way and lifestyle of the local population in a fun and interactive way.

Most of the Interpretation Center is dedicated to the natural heritage and the phenomenon of great plant diversity in the wider local area, especially the heritage of the Biokovo Botanical Garden Kotišina and the legacy of its founder, Fr. Jure Radić. Nature lovers will be delighted using all the sense to discover many plant species in this locality. Be prepared for audiovisual, olfactory and sensory pleasure when visiting this place.

The Interpretation Center Veliki Kaštel is connected with a number of educational trails and the restored church of St. Martin and the church of St.Anthony, which were designed to form together a conceptual museological – museographic and multimedia project.

The small village of Kotišina, located near Makarska, only two kilometres away from the popular tourist destination, has become a real gem of the tourist offer that will delight you. The magical place at the foot of Biokovo has been turned into a paradise for lovers of -cultural heritage, history and nature thanks to a project funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds.