“With eyes, brain, heart thorough visible to that which is invisible” - dr. fra Jure Radić

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5 reasons to visit Makarska and Biokovo

5 reasons to visit Makarska and Biokovo

In today’s time of hectic life it is very important to choose the right destination for your vacation. If you dream of going to the sea, for example to a city that offers a handful of activities, Makarska could be the right choice.

Located at the foot of the mountain Biokovo, Makarska is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Croatia. This coastal town boasts kilometers of sandy and pebble beaches, clear blue sea, Biokovo Mountain and the Biokovo Nature Park, Kotišina Botanical Garden and the Veliki Kaštel Interpretation Center…

There will be no shortage of activities. Below we bring you 5 reasons to visit Makarska and Biokovo.

  1. Panoramic view from 1228 meters above sea level

In Biokovo Nature Park, visitors can enjoy the beautiful view from the lookout points: Trail, Heavenly Promenade, Štrbina, Vošac or Sv. Jure, which is located on the highest peak of Biokovo. You will be especially enchanted by the “Skywalk Biokovo”, a horseshoe-shaped lookout that extends beyond the cliffs with a glass walkway, unique in Europe.


  1. Biokovo Botanical Garden Kotišina

In Kotišina there is the Biokovo Botanical Garden, which is part of the Biokovo Nature Park. It was founded in 1984 according to the idea of Dr. Fr. Jure Radić, his associates and volunteers, and was conceived as “Biokovo in miniature”. On a relatively small area of 3.5 ha, you can find various habitats, rocks, cliffs, arable land, cliffs and the canyon Proslap, where during heavy rains a waterfall of the same name is created. About 250 different plants can currently be seen in these habitats, many of which are endemic or strictly protected species.

  1. Interpretation Center Veliki Kaštel

Did you know that the Grand Castle is the best preserved fortification on the Makarska coast? It was built in the 17th century during the Candian War, and today the fort houses the newly renovated Interpretation Center Veliki Kaštel. It has been renovated and equipped thanks to the project “Revitalization of cultural and historical heritage of the hamlet of Kotišina” which is funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds. The Interpretation Center is the central place for the interpretation and presentation of the cultural and natural heritage of Kotišina, through three themes of the exhibition: archaeological, ethnological and natural heritage. You will see some of the archeological exhibits found at the Kotišina site under the direction of the Makarska City Museum. Ethnological stories present the way and style of life of the population with special emphasis on the connection between the actions of man and nature. Most of the center is dedicated to the natural heritage and the phenomenon of great plant diversity in the wider local area, especially the heritage of the Biokovo Botanical Garden Kotišina.

  1. Interpretive walks with the milkmaid Mara

Interpretation walks are certainly a wonderful way to discover the cultural, historical and natural heritage of this area. Once a shepherdess, and today a milkmaid Mare from Kotišina will take you through her hamlet, a magical place. She will tell you interesting stories, some are instructive, touching, and some fun and scary. The village at the foot of Biokovo, only two kilometers from Makarska, will bring up a researcher in you. Dairy Mare, real name Agata, the so-called storytelling works with a lot of love and passion, and most interestingly – costumed. As a “milkmaid Mare”, she delights with her appearance and is the best possible heritage promoter for the city of Makarska

  1. By bicycle on the newly renovated bicycle paths

Imagine the pleasure of riding a bike with one of the most beautiful views in all of Dalmatia. The bike path that leads from the center of Makarska all the way to Kotišina provides real enjoyment of nature. Along the way, cyclists will come across three innovative, fully equipped rest areas, one of which also serves the purpose of bird watching.

Whichever way you go, Kotišina and Makarska will provide you with new, unforgettable experiences.