“With eyes, brain, heart thorough visible to that which is invisible” - dr. fra Jure Radić

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Revitalization of the cultural and historical heritage of the hamlet of Kotišina



City of Makarska

Project partners:

Makarska Tourist Board,
Public institution Biokovo Nature Park,
TIP-EXTREME, travel agency, transport, agriculture, trade and services







The project “Revitalization of cultural and historical heritage of the hamlet of Kotišina” is funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds – Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 – 2020, as part of the Call for Proposals “Preparation and implementation of integrated development programs based on cultural heritage restoration.”

Total project value: HRK 18.008.943,45 
Total eligible costs: HRK 14.715.743,08 
Grants: HRK 12.508.313,68 

Project implementation period:

31 July 2017 to 31 December 2020

Short description of the project:

The holder of this extremely important and valuable project called Revitalization of the cultural and historical heritage of the hamlet of Kotišina, is the City of Makarska. In partnership with the Tourist Board of Makarska, JU Biokovo Nature Park and travel agency Tip Extreme, the project is implemented with the aim of redirecting the tourist profile of our city and the sub-region by developing a unique cultural and tourist offer of the revitalized hamlet Kotišina.

The natural area where the Kotišina area is located is rich in many natural, historical and landscape values. In addition to the endless view provided by the collision of mountain and sea, there are numerous traces of human life, buildings woven at the foot of the mountain massif, many sources of drinkable mountain water, the richness of indigenous plants and floral elements and a wealth of visual, auditory and olafactory stimuli. They give an unforgettable experience of the connection between man and nature. All of the above are the reasons why Kotišina was chosen for this program in which cultural heritage facilities were revitalized, and interactive and sustainable year-round recreational and cultural facilities were set up for all visitors.

It is this project that provides a new picture of the rich and different tourist offer of the City of Makarska.

It is worth noting that the project consists of 6 important elements:

  • establishment of the Interpretation Center Veliki Kaštel

  • arranging the open-air stage of St. Anthony

  • arrangement of educational trails and renovation of the church of St. Martin

  • realization of adrenaline and walking tours

  • arrangement of the pedestrian and bicycle path Makarska center – Kotišina

  • promotion activities that include branding of this new cultural and tourist content

Each of these elements has a significant role in the formation of the project, with special emphasis on the most important part of the Interpretation Center Veliki Kaštel, which was renovated and put into operation, that is, equipped with the latest multimedia technology. As such, it represents the central place of interpretation and presentation of the cultural and natural heritage of Kotišina, through three themes of the exhibition: archaeological, ethnological and natural heritage. Thus, some of the archeological exhibits found at the Kotišina site under the direction of the Makarska City Museum are on display, while ethnological stories present the way and style of life of the population with special emphasis on the connection between man and nature. Most of the center is dedicated to the natural heritage and the phenomenon of great plant diversity in the wider local area, especially the heritage of the Biokovo botanical garden Kotišina and the legacy of its founder, Fr. Jure Radić.

All these innovations in interpretation have the goal of encouraging the raising of awareness and public interest in the preservation of cultural and natural heritage and improving the valuation of cultural heritage as a relevant and desirable attraction.

Element of outdoor stage decoration in front of church of St. Anthony in the first phase included the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the church foundations and the implementation of the outdoor stage PROSLAP. The ambient quality of the landscape in which this stage has been adapted gives visitors the impression that the events take place in the middle of untouched nature, at the foot of the mountain cliffs with an unforgettable panoramic view.

By arranging educational trails as well as the renovation, that is, the complete reconstruction of the church of St. Martin, new cultural and tourist facilities were realized.

As part of its activities, the tourist agency Tip Extreme realized and promoted two very attractive walking and adrenaline tours Kaštel Kotišina and Kotišina – forgotten farming routes. Also, with the arrangement of the Makarska center – Kotišina bicycle path, three innovative, fully equipped rest areas on the cyclo-tourist route were realized, one of which also serves the purpose of bird watching.

Finally, promotional activities are designed keeping in mind the visitors of the Split-Dalmatia County, but also the presentation in foreign markets. At the same time, through this part, the specific requirements of all the above and various components of the project have been ensured, with an emphasis on branding the entire new cultural and tourist content.


Contact person for more information:

Lidija Vukadin Vranješ, univ.spec.oec.

Makarska Development Agency – MARA
Address: Franjevački put 2, 21 300 Makarska
Phone/fax: +385 21 766 901
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